The Ultimate Plan to Fully Enjoy the City!

We offer a classic plan to fully appreciate the charms of Kitakyushu in two nights and three days. Enjoy food, strolling, and shopping that can only be experienced in the Kitakyushu area, using the city's public transportation system!

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Start your second day
from around Kokura Station!

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  • I. About 14 minutes walk from JR Kokura Station
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Kokura Castle

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A famous castle that watches over the town of Kokura

"Kokura Castle," a famous Japanese castle built in 1602, still stands in the center of Kitakyushu City. Take a relaxing walk in "Kokura Castle Japanese Garden" and "Yasaka Shrine," where you can feel the Japonesque atmosphere. You will not want to miss the nighttime light-up, when the white ramparts and splendid stone walls stand out in the dark!

Address 2-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL 093-561-1210
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  • I. About 10 minutes walk from Kokura Castle
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Tanga Ichiba

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A marketplace loved by Kitakyushu residents for more than 100 years

At "Tanga Ichiba," also called "Kitchen of Kitakyushu City" with a history dating back more than 100 years, stand about 120 stores including fishmongers and greengrocers. Experience the vitality of the community at this old-fashioned market which is loved by the locals.

Address 4-2-18 Uo-machi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
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  • I. About 10 minutes walk from Tanga Ichiba
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A backstreet store with a fresh style, specializing in Japanese tea

A specialty Japanese tea shop run in a traditional Japanese-style residence located in a quaint backstreet. In this fancy half-Japanese, half-Western shop, you can savor not only traditional Japanese tea and sweets, but also confections made from tea, Matcha beer, Matcha cocktails and etc. In the adjoining selling space you can find miscellaneous goods and tableware that are perfect for souvenirs, too.

Address 1-15-3 Nakashima, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL 093-512-3077
Business Hour 11:00 - 17:00
Regular Holiday Tuesdays
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  • I. About 13 minutes walk from Salon du JAPON MAEDA
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Uomachi Gintengai

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The first shopping arcade in Japan, founded in 1951

Appreciate local dishes in the first shopping arcade in Japan! In this arcade with a length of about 400 meters, you will find rows of yaki-udon (stir-fried udon) restaurants and bakeries with customers making huge lines every day. Also popular are the Matcha sweets of "Tsujiri-chaya," an old tea store; you can take out some products such as Matcha soft serve and Matcha chiffon cake.

Address 1-15-3 Nakashima, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL 093-521-6801
Business Hour Depends on the store
Regular Holiday Depends on the store
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  • I. About 10 minutes walk from Uomachi Gintengai
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Kitakyushu Manga Museum

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Offers the joy of "watching," "reading," and "drawing" to kids and grownups

This museum was established in Kitakyushu City, home to numerous manga artists, to preserve Japanese manga culture. It offers the experience of "watching" exhibitions of writers and works related to Kitakyushu City, "reading" about 50,000 manga books, and "drawing" manga in hands-on classes, so you can spend the whole day immersed in the world of manga.

Address 5F・6F Aruaru City, 2-14-5 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
TEL 093-512-5077
Business Hour 11:00 - 19:00 (Last entry 18:30)
Regular Holiday Tuesday, New Year's Holiday, Organized Day
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  • I. About 10 minutes walk from Uomachi Gintengai
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Kokura Dazzle Street

Img kokurayataigai 1

Located in front of Kokura Station, where selected food stands cluster

"Kokura Dazzle Street" is a facility where food stands proudly offers dishes made from local ingredients. In this non-restrictive establishment, you can enjoy unique dishes provided by food stands.

Address 3-5-8 Kyo-machi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
Business Hour 17:00 - 24:00 (depends on restaurants)
Regular Holiday None
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Stay in Kokura
The end of your journey also starts from Kitakyushu Airport

How did you like your short, 3-day trip to Kitakyushu? There are numerous tourist spots other than those mentioned in the Kitakyushu area. Next time, please visit Kitakyushu to experience your own unique journey. You will surely make some great memories.