Uomachi Gintengai is the first shopping street in Japan to add a covered arcade in 1951.

Uomachi Gintengai

  • Kitakyushu-shi Kokurakita-ku

Enjoy dining on famous local specialties at Uomachi Gintengai, the first shopping arcade in Japan! This 400 meter long shopping street is a favorite among the locals, and features yaki-udon restaurants and bakeries that attract long lines of customers every day. The street is home to Tsujiri Teahouse, a famous long-running teahouse that is known for its popular matcha green tea desserts. Customers can order matcha soft serve, matcha chiffon cake, and other items to go.

AddressUomachi Kaikan 2F (Uomachi Shopping Street Promotion Association), 3-1-15 Uomachi, Kokura-kita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, 802-0006
HoursDepends on the store
ClosedDepends on the store
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